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Scania was part of the kingdom of Denmark up until the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658. [6] The transition to Sweden was later confirmed by the 1660 Treaty of Copenhagen , the 1679 Peace of Lund and the 1700 Peace of Travendal . Denmark's last serious attempt to invade its former province failed in 1710, after the Battle of Helsingborg . [7] The period 1658–1720 saw widespread violence by the Swedish military against the local population. The same was also true about the Danish military, though to a far lesser extent. The region did not become part of Sweden proper until [8] [9] . Between the initial Swedish conquest and this date, Scania had the same status as for instance Swedish Pomerania , territory owned by the Swedish Monarch. Also after 1720, locals have been exposed to dishonesty and military killings of civilians, like at the Klågerup riots in 1811.

Lee had a No. 14 hit in 1963 with a song he co-wrote, a conventional rocker, "I Saw Linda Yesterday." In 1965, he returned to teen tragedy with "Laurie (Strange Things Happen)," a song related to the urban legends known as the vanishing hitchhiker and Resurrection Mary .

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Michael Saxell - It's Good To Be AliveMichael Saxell - It's Good To Be AliveMichael Saxell - It's Good To Be AliveMichael Saxell - It's Good To Be Alive