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Idrioema - spuria

The main goal of ‘linearea’ is to illustrate the mutation of a dot into a line Its almost like analyzing under a microscope the composition of the dot to observe how it evolves, generating new forms that will eventually create the line; to observe the computer raw-data of a dot while processing the codes for the visualization of the new forms. The video was made animating digital hand-drawn frames, processed with filters to granulize the images step by step… Each frame is the result of the filtering on the previous one in a decomposition and re-composition of pixels, bringing a fluid-randomness look to the video. Its about ordering the chaos while respecting its nature…

Astrid Kruse Jensen’s photographs are conceived through the encounter between dark and light – in the twilight zone between the illuminated and the hidden, between the real and the imaginary. They are taken at dusk and at night because she mostly uses the ambient light sources on locations. The intensity of the light and the details of the darkness are the product of a long exposure. Darkness assumes both fullness and softness, allowing a wealth of visual impressions to take shape.