Dubstar - no more talk

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Formerly known as The Joans, Dubstar were initially a two piece band, with Chris Wilkie playing guitar and Steve Hillier singing and playing keyboards. Gavin Lee joined The Joans in the Autumn of 1992 and played drums and, later, bass guitar before leaving to pursue a career at British Airways the following year. Performance artist and musician, Mark Greenwood [2] also played bass in The Joans for a number gigs in the summer of 1992. Sarah Blackwood was invited to join the band in August 1993 after her boyfriend accidentally left a cassette tape of her singing in Steve Hillier's flat in Jesmond , Newcastle-upon-Tyne . Blackwood replaced Hillier on vocals in early 1994, though he remained a key member of the group.

Dubstar - No More TalkDubstar - No More TalkDubstar - No More TalkDubstar - No More Talk